Thailand is packed with palm-fringed beaches, beautiful temples, dense jungles, and mouthwatering food, offering endless sights and activities. Navigate through Bangkok’s bustling streets and witness the serene atmosphere of the city’s temples, or venture north to Chiang Mai for an authentic experience of Thai family life.

Getting away from the urban hustle lets you embrace a more relaxed lifestyle. Cruise down the River Kwai on a colonial-style boat or explore from Koh Samui to Koh Wao, where you’ll find towering limestone cliffs, secret caves, and pristine beaches.

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Experiences you have as you travel often hold the longest memories. As part of their research trips, our specialists seek out authentic ways to get to know Vietnam, and the best local guides. These activities reflect some of their best-loved experiences.

Discover the hidden paradise of Bang Kra Jao by bicycle

Bang Kra Jao, a hidden garden on the other side of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, can only be reached by boat. The tour begins with a bike guide picking you up from your hotel and escorting you to the ferry. Upon crossing the river, you’ll pedal through villages, temples, and lush vegetation. The […]

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Discover sea caves and limestone islets

Discover the limestone cliffs and turquoise waters of Phang Nga Bay. Led by canoe specialist John Gray, you’ll explore with local guides. Spend the afternoon visiting sea caves and limestone islets. The guides will paddle you through caves filled with bats and stalactites to hidden lagoons called hongs. At sunset, float your handmade kratongs on […]

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Helping Elephants in Thailand

Elephant Nature Park is a non-profit that helps elephants in Thailand. Visitors can learn about elephants in a natural setting, without riding them or watching them do tricks. You can see elephants grazing, playing, and behaving like they would in the wild. The park rescues elephants from abuse and hard work. Each elephant has a […]

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Enjoy a cruise along the River Kwai aboard a Colonial-style boat

The RV River Kwai is Thailand’s first inland cruise ship, designed in a colonial style and carrying a maximum of 20 passengers. The 120-foot-long boat is inspired by the original Irrawaddy Flotilla design from 1865, known for its colonial charm. With 10 deluxe cabins on the Main Deck, each teak-lined and air-conditioned, passengers can enjoy […]

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Visit elephants at the Elephant Nature Park

Visit elephants at the Elephant Nature Park

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Discover Asia with our multi-day cycling adventures, suitable for riders of any skill level. Count on our quality bikes, knowledgeable guides, and excellent support for an incredible experience.

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