Cambodia – Getting to know Kratie

Kratie is a delightfully energetic, Colonial-style town situated on the banks of the Mekong River. Many visitors arrive in the hope of a glimpse of the town’s famous Irrawaddy dolphins, often to be seen frolicking about five or six miles north of the town. Kratie also acts as a convenient stopping-off point en route between Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, and the remote north-eastern province of Ratanakiri, or the south of Laos.

Relax! Kratie and its surroundings are supremely chilled out, and one of our favourite places to just unwind and enjoy a slower pace of life amongst the picturesque French Colonial buildings in town.

Go looking for Irrawaddy dolphins, which are getting rarer but can still be seen. They’re pretty large and look more like mini whales than the familiar dolphin shape, and are very pleasing to watch, especially when they’re leaping along the river.

Koh Trong

Just across the water from Kratie is the sleepy island of Koh Trong, nestled in the middle of the Mekong River. A great spot to relax for a day or two from the toil of travel, the island is home to a small community of predominantly fishing and farming families.

Having crossed over the Mekong River by ferry, you will be greeted by an ox-drawn cart for the short journey to your lodge, passing through the sleepy community en route. During your stay on Kong Trong, you’ll discover a variety of activities to fill your days – kick back and enjoy the relaxed pace of life, explore the island by foot or bike, swim in the Mekong River (between December and May), or visit some nearby villages lending a hand in the fields.

Spotting an Irrawaddy dolphin

The best time of the year to see the dolphins is between March and August when the waters are lower however the dolphins can be spotted year-round. Try and avoid lunchtimes when sightings are less frequent than in the early morning or later afternoon.

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Photos of Kratie

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