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Since 1989, Absolute Asia has been the leading provider of deluxe, custom-designed travel, offering an unrivaled collection of creative itineraries to over 10 destinations. In response to the growing demand for similar services in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Bali, and Laos, a division exclusively devoted to travel in Southeast Asia was created in 1997. Most recently, in 2001, we expanded into several countries in Asia, regions known for their magnificent cultural and natural wonders. This expansion included Absolute Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan, Nepal, China, and Taiwan...


Distinctive Itineraries & In-Depth Destination Knowledge Whether you are a group of friends planning a trip together, a non-profit organization, a couple, or an individual traveling alone, our job is to design a travel experience that is tailored to your needs and interests. Our extensive contacts in each country enable us to coordinate touring with special activities such as tickets to cultural performances, viewings of private art collections, attending local ceremonies, and participating in other activities upon request. Our travel consultants will work closely with you or your travel agent to carefully prepare an itinerary based on your stated interests.

Flexible Touring & Expert Guides Most of our clients prefer their tours to include a combination of flexible, private sightseeing and some free time to explore independently. Guides play an invaluable role in ensuring that our clients have the best opportunity to experience, learn about, and enjoy their trip. In conjunction with our ground-operators in each country, we carefully choose guides based on their knowledge of regional culture and history, their proficiency in English, and their ability to cater touring to a sophisticated clientele. Our tours generally are designed so that you have a new driver and guide in each region; guides who are based locally tend to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of a particular region, as well as an extensive network of connections that will help make your touring more interesting. Many of our clients tell us that the opportunity to have one-on-one dialogues with their guides is the high point of their travel experience, and what a pleasure it is to have control over what they do and how their time is allocated each day. It's common for our clients to return and rave about the special activities arranged by their guides, such as attending a ceremony in a remote part of Bali, or tracking down antiques in Kyoto.


We are dedicated to serving our clients before, during, and after they travel and, as a result, most of our clients come to us by personal referral or on a repeat basis. In fact, we are regularly featured in various publications that represent some of the most discerning voices in the world of travel: Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, The New York Times, Town & Country, Frommer's, Fodor's, Saveur, Gourmet, Tripadvisor and more. From culinary tours in Vietnam, to luxurious resort getaways on the Great Barrier Reef - our tours are truly for the discerning traveler. We look forward to welcoming you to our world of travel!


We know that your accommodation is an important feature of your trip. Part of what makes Absolute Asia, Absolute Africa, and Absolute South Pacific stand apart from other tour companies is our expert knowledge of the hotels and resorts in each region. Our travel consultants have up-to-the-minute, first-hand knowledge of all regional accommodations and can help determine which accommodation and room category is most appropriate for you. We choose hotels, resorts, and lodges that combine the highest level of comfort and service with the unique design aesthetic and architectural features of a given region. We make sure your hotels are centrally located, so the best restaurants, markets, and attractions are just a short stroll from where you are staying. We have a superb accommodation list, including Maharaja's palaces in India, decadent spas in Thailand, elegant ryokan in Japan, and gourmet retreats set amidst Australia vineyards. Furthermore, our close relationship with leading properties allows us to offer you special rates, upgrades, and amenities as part of your tour.

Our programs are offered on First Class and Deluxe accommodation levels. First Class accommodations are comfortable, well-located properties that offer superior service and all amenities. Our Deluxe properties provide you with the additional luxury that you might desire while on your trip, even in some seemingly rough destinations. These properties are generally the best in a destination based upon an international star rating, as well as their exceptional attention to service and beautiful surroundings. In addition to First Class and Deluxe properties, we also offer Elite accommodations where available. Our Elite properties are truly exceptional experiences, and are often destinations in and of themselves. Because all of our trips are customized, we are able to offer you a variety of accommodations, such as a Deluxe trip ending with a rejuvenating stay in an Elite resort. Note: in some remote areas, first class and deluxe accommodation may not be available. In these cases we will provide you with the best available accommodation.


Meals: Cuisine is a major highlight of travel in all of the destinations we handle. Restaurants are generally safe, delicious, and a great way to experience the local culture. For this reason, we generally include daily breakfast at the hotel, lunch while touring, and several dinners per tour. We find that our clients prefer the flexibility of a few unstructured evenings in order to allow for spontaneous dining plans.

Regional Contacts: In addition to our main office in the SoHo section of New York City, we also have over 50 associate offices that handle the ground operations in each of our destinations; each office is ready, willing and able to assist you during all stages of your trip. Before your trip, we provide you with a complete pre-departure package, including an operational itinerary listing all accommodation, touring, and transportation details, and a hotel list stating the complete names, addresses and all available contact information for all the hotels you will be staying in. We also provide you with phone numbers and addresses of each of our associate offices in each country where you are traveling so that you have local contacts throughout your trip.

Travel Advice and Recommendations: In addition to your customized itinerary that includes recommendations for restaurants, shopping, art museums and galleries, and other activities, you will also receive recommended reading lists and country-specific practical travel information regarding weather, dress, currency, customs regulations, cultural norms, health, recommended items to bring, and other useful information.

Transportation and Flights: Our tours generally include all regional flights and surface transportation, unless otherwise specified. We book all regional air on the best available airlines, and carefully coordinate your touring to fit in with flight and travel schedules. It is this integration that makes our tours smooth, satisfying experiences. We also offer reduced coach, business and first class international airfares on some of the world's finest carriers - be sure to ask your travel specialist about special airfare rates that can be arranged in conjunction with your tour.

Transfers: Airport transfers are also included. In most destinations you will have a private car transfer you to and from each airport. In some cases airport transfers are provided by hotel bus. Your personal itinerary will specify your transfers.

Visas: Most of our tours include visa authorization and processing fees. In some countries visas are obtained upon arrival, in which case the fee cannot be pre-paid, and you will be required to pay it yourself. This is occasionally in addition to a visa authorization fee, which we can and do provide. We are able to procure most visas, and do so.

Admission fees and tax and service charges: All admission fees during touring are included in your tour cost, as are all tax and service charges for meals and hotels included in the tour. Please note that tipping, airport departure taxes, laundry, alcoholic beverages, and other items of a personal nature are not included in the tour cost.

We encourage you to call one of our travel consultants to discuss your particular travel interests. (315) 998-1998

The expert crafting your trip

Ken's early exit from his Wall Street career ignited his passion for travel, and he hasn't looked back since. He founded Absolute Asia in 1989, which has become a leading luxury travel company, known for pioneering trips to Vietnam and Cambodia and exploring remote destinations. Ken's adventurous spirit continues to inspire others while he balances his role at Absolute Asia with advocacy work and family life in New York alongside his wife, Kyoko, and children, Kazumi and Keizo. His mantra? "Travel light and with a smile," wherever he may be.

- Ken Fish – President & Founder

Our Specilalists

Meaningful Experiences, Genuine Connections

Instead of solely emphasizing the highlights, our aim is to provide you with an authentic flavor of your destination. We strive to curate experiences that offer a more profound and meaningful perspective.

- Stephen, Regional product manager


We make an effort to comprehend your needs

To begin with, we listen. Starting from the initial conversation, the specialist assigned to curate your trip will understand your preferences and what motivates your travel.


We discover activities that align with your interests

Should you have a specific passion, we will help you explore it. Your specialist will integrate your ideas and leverage their extensive knowledge to select the experiences you desire.


We tailor your trip specifically to you

All the insights you share guide us in creating a trip tailored just for you. After uncovering the inspiration behind your journey, we start the process of bringing it to life.


Every detail is carefully fine-tuned for perfection.

If there's a particular passion you have, we'll guide you in exploring it. Your specialist will bring together your preferences and use their profound knowledge to choose the experiences that align with your interests.


As your trip approaches, we assist you in getting ready.

We have a deep passion for our destinations, and our expertise extends to understanding their intricacies. As you look forward to your journey, feel free to rely on your specialist for the most reliable and current practical advice.


We're here to support you throughout your travels

Our assistance extends throughout your entire trip. Day or night, feel free to reach out to us or our trusted local partners if you need support from the moment you arrive until you return home.


Your Odyssey, Crafted with Care

At our core, responsible travel is fundamental to our mission. It not only enhances your experience but also plays a vital role in preserving the communities and landscapes you encounter. Our ongoing collaboration with local communities and experts reflects our commitment to being responsible travel ambassadors.

- Heather, Responsible travel & sustainability manager

Client Reviews: Find out what our clients have said about their experience.

Melinda & John
Nov 2016
star star star star star
Not only were we treated royally and terribly spoiled, but we felt we got a sense of the Japanese people, their history and their culture. It is a trip that we will always find joy in remembering. Thank you so much for all you did to make it such a memorable time for us.
Sarah & Evan
April 2016
star star star star star
We had no idea what a Microlight was going into our honeymoon, and seeing it when we arrived admittedly made us weak in the knees… But it ended up being the highlight of Zambia for us and we can’t imagine experiencing the magnitude of Victoria Falls any other way!
Tracy & Matt
April 12, 2016
star star star star star
It was a life changing experience and we couldn't be happier to have done it, learned so much, seen so much, and escaped from work for a couple of weeks!
Scott Eirinberg
March 2017
star star star star star
If you don't have a friend overseas, Absolute Asia is like the next best thing. We found their guides so friendly and knowledgeable, that we even traded recipes and photos with a couple of them after the trip.
Geoff & Annie
April 2018
star star star star star
Absolute Asia nailed every aspect of our trip, immersing us in the folklore and dramatic wild beauty synonymous with the magical land, while also fitting in five star luxury…
Nina Greenberg
May 2018
star star star star star
The level of service and the itinerary were all spot on. I left feeling that within a two week time period I had seen and experienced the best of Kenya!
Seth & Nicole
Oct 2018
star star star star star
The planning process was excellent. My biggest concern at the outset was a lack of deep conversation from other agencies. My expectation was that someone would take the time commensurate with the cost and Jessica did exactly that
Alfond Family
Nov 2018
star star star star star
We brought our two grandchildren, ages 12 and 14, to South Africa to fulfill a long-held dream of ours. Attention was paid by Daniela and her colleagues to every detail and every nuance of our trip, and after all of our raves, it’s inevitable that we shall have to come back with our other seven!
Nathan Battle
Dec 2018
star star star star star
Absolute Asia packed our trip with hidden secrets, insider experiences, and top notch local guides-transforming our vacation into a a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Superb!
Stefanie Rubin
Dec 2018
star star star star star
Absolute Asia has been an invaluable partner to American Jewish World Service (AJWS). AJWS has been able to provide high-end philanthropy travel to our donors because of Absolute Travel’s attention to detail, flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile to meet our needs. Thank you for helping us to elevate our program to new heights of excellence.
Kim & Heb
Dec 2018
star star star star star
Absolute Asia showed us sides of Morocco we would not have discovered on our own. Thank you for designing an unforgettable trip.
Dan & Meg
Dec 2018
star star star star star
Thank you so much for all of the help. It was a trip we’ll never forget and you made it so easy...
Lori & Bill
Dec 2018
star star star star star
I must say our 2 weeks in Asia has truly been the best experience of my life thus far! We truly appreciate you planning that for us.
Gary Fischman
Dec 2018
star star star star star
You know, when expectations are sky high, as they were for this trip, there is a very high risk of disappointment. Still, this trip exceeded our expectations. It was truly an incredible, awesome experience. Thanks again for your expertise in putting together this trip. We’ll most definitely go to Africa again in the future.
AMAZING experience. There is no way that we would’ve had the same experience if we planned this trip ourselves. Absolute Asia treated us better than we would’ve treated ourselves!
Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 3247 reviews on
Absolute Asia difference

Our experienced travel advisors are available to assist you in planning every detail of your trip – from arranging flights and accommodations to organizing activities and excursions. Begin planning your next vacation today with one of our recommended tours!

Tailor-made tours
Tailor-made tours

We'll customize your trip based on what you like, making sure it aligns with your preferences. And we'll share practical tips and honest advice from our firsthand experiences with the destination.

True experiences
True experiences

With careful consideration, we select expert guides and dedicated travel concierges to deliver an authentic experience, infusing each destination with care and passion.

Mindful tourism
Mindful tourism

Discover unparalleled luxury with our carefully curated trips, designed with a commitment to responsible travel. When you choose our experiences, you not only elevate your own journey but also support the conservation of our planet.

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