Mt Fansipan Trek Experience

Trekking With the Boss: The Climb of a Lifetime

Pick up your backpack and follow… your boss! We at My Way Travel love to share our inspirations, and for our annual meeting in 2023, we climbed up Mt. Fansipan.

Time to Climb

My name’s Yash, and according my boss Emily, we had 3 good reasons to trek up this incredible mountain:

1. Asian communities have longstanding traditions of climbing mountains at the start of spring. But, the higher we climb, the more luck we gather so why not make the journey to the Roof of Indochina.

2. To spend some time with our boss!

3. To get off the grid and have an inspiring experience.

And so, a group of good looking, young, strong and brave office workers hiked! Carrying backpacks up the mountain.

The road that climbs up Fansipan isn’t easy. Over two days you trek and trek, finally reaching the peak! The last 2 hours of hiking mark the final efforts to defeat Fansipan, yet are the most slippery, messy and difficult steps. It’s hard to remember exactly why but this part of the journey tested everyone’s will!

Fansipan trekking, Adventure tour


Reaching the peak isthe greatest of victories, and staying behind means being stuck in the mud forever. Luckily, everyone was fired up that morning, and pushed through the final hurtle. Everyone climbed and climbed till at last a glimpse of the mountain top was in view! Time to bask in the glory of the view and wipe off the mud at last.

Thinking it over, the road to victory (assuming reaching the peak of the mountain is victory!) is a road of difficulty and challenge, uphill and uphill again, turning left and downhill and then back uphill…. everyone knows that. But when victory is imminent and the mud drags us down, only will, determination, concentration and teamwork can guide us. That’s for sure!

It was fated that we’d make it and everything was set in place. We listened to coworkers reciting poems and breathed in the chilling air flickering our flashlights through thick fog. Everyone was exhilarated to participate and thrilled to have made it to the top! Over three thousand meters high and what a ride it’d been. In our beliefs, there is nothing that happens by “accident”. Our connections, journeys, experiences, conversations, pleasures, and pains… are all due to fate.

Discover the majestic beauty of Southeast Asia by trekking through some of it’s majestic landscape with My Way Travel!

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