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Absolute Asia’s love affair with Asia spans decades, and our knowledge of the region remains unmatched. We were the first US-based company to bring Americans to Cambodia and Vietnam over twenty years ago, and we’re as excited send people to Asia now as we were then. Our Asian travel destinations are windows into the world’s vibrant future as well as into its magnificent past. It’s impossible to name all of the reasons that we love this region, but we’ll try anyway: it offers endless turquoise coastlines, awe-inspiring ancient and modern architectural wonders, and countless opportunities for spiritual enrichment and life-changing culinary adventures. Oh, we forgot to mention that it also has famously gracious locals, pulsing, cosmopolitan cities, thick jungles, and outstanding opportunities for trekking and diving. You can experience all these things and more on our private luxury Asia tours, which aren’t the standard and impersonal Asian travel packages you’ll find elsewhere, but are thrilling journeys that are thoroughly researched and created just for you. Let us bring you to the most beguiling travel destinations in Asia, where our extensive insider-knowledge guarantees that your trip will be unique, authentic, and will exceed your wildest expectations.
Private Luxury Asia Tours

China is one of our most popular Asian travel destinations, and is one that people find themselves returning to again and again. Absolute Travel’s Asian tourscan help you explore the most remote sections of the the Great Wall, immerse you in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, whose incredible rate of development will leave you dizzy, and trace the ancient trade-routes of the Silk Road all the way into Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, countries that are equally fascinating but far less frequented.

Another one of our Asian travel destinations that we know you’ll love is Japan, which is so much more than Tokyo, though Tokyo alone motivates many people to visit Asia, and rightly so—its delicate cuisine is some of the best in the world, its nightlife, some of the most rowdy, and its shopping, some of the most irresistible. The rest of the country is brimming with gorgeous ancient temples, towering peaks, such as Mt. Fuji, which offers excellent trekking, and lush countryside that’s dotted with onsens, natural hot springs that range from simple to outrageously luxurious. Mongolia has enchanted travelers for centuries, and it’s certainly one of our favorite travel destinations in Asia. Few other places can touch its stark natural beauty and staggering emptiness. It’s a place where you really will get far, far, far away from it all as you ride across its deserts and sleep in traditional gers nestled into its vast plains. You truly have to see Mongolia to believe it, and we’d love to show you just how astonishing it is on one of our private luxury Asian tours.

We also provide unparallelled opportunities for Southeast Asian travel to countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, Bhutan, and Myanmar. These more are more tropical Asian travel destinations, and they offer just as much history and adventure as the places we mentioned above. You can learn more about our Southeast Asia tours here.

No matter which one of our Asian travel destinations you choose to visit, we promise we’ll create an inspiring trip for you that you’ll cherish forever.


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