Why Travel With Us!

1. High Quality Service
Vietnam Cycle Tours prides itself with excellent service. The company believes that service and quality come together. We do our best to meet our own lofty standards by partnering with companies that offer the same level of excellence to ensure that our guests get only the best. We monitor guest satisfaction closely to help guide us meet excellent service. We continually seek improvements to surpass guest expectations.
2. Personal Approach
From the first greeting throughout your entire holiday, and until you are safely on to your next destination, we will be with you. Get to know your travel expert by face and name, we make it a point that our clients know our consultants personally.
3. Approachable, attentive, and well-informed staff
Since the start of VCT last 2010, we have created unforgettable travel experiences for all of our guests. Our success is attributed to the quality and dedication of our staff. Our staff members from drivers to consultants to guides are all fueled by passion and are well-versed in the region they serve in.
4. Domestic expertise
It is of utmost importance to us that each guest has an unforgettable travel experience with us. In accordance to the high standard we have for our staff members, we personally choose domestic providers that are attentive, charming, and well-informed in the region they are in. Hand-in-hand we aim to provide memorable holiday experiences.
5. Save effort, money, and precious time
Creating your own itinerary for your holiday can be a tedious task. VCTcan relieve you of this stressful task by creating your itinerary for you. VCT not only reduces the stress of planning but also saves you time and effort by booking directly with a local travel agent rather than through a middleman. Sit back and enjoy your holiday and leave the planning and booking to us.
6. Customized holidays
With the guest in mind, our tour itineraries can be customized or tweaked to meet your specifications. We have the knowledge, years of experience, and a bevy of contacts to help you create a memorable vacation in Vietnam. You can tell us your ideas and make it happen for you!
7. You’re well taken cared of
During your entire trip, we will not be far away from you to assist you whenever you need help. We have staff on call for 24 hours and 7 days a week to help you when unforeseen problems arise. There are excursions where guides have mobile phones, and our wide network guarantees that help is just a phone call away.
8. Legitimate
Our company is a fully insured and fully licensed travel agency approved by the National Administration of Tourism of Vietnam (No: 22-053 – TCDL-GPLHQT). As an insured and licensed travel agency, we are bound to industry standards and proper practices. If you are unconvinced of our legitimacy, we have plenty of guest testimonials to remove any doubt.

Let us assist you if you couldn't find a perfect trip for you!
We love our country and know it inside and out.

  • Contact Traveller Assistance at info@absoluteasiatours.com (non-emergency)
  • Customer Care: +84 902 011 200 (Vietnam)
  • Medical Assistance: +84988600388 (Vietnam)